Katharina von Bora, wife of Martin Luther, was by any measure the First Lady of the Reformation. Important as she was, she would remain unknown to us were it not for her larger than life husband. Unlike other Reformation women, her primary vocation was not related to ministry. She was a farmer and a brewer with a boarding house the size of a Holiday Inn—and all that with a large family and nursing responsibilities. In many ways, Katie was a modern woman—a Lean In woman or a modern-day version of a Proverbs 31 woman. Katharina’s voice echoes among modern women, wives and mothers who have carved out a career of their own. Decisive and assertive, she transforms Martin Luther into at least a practicing egalitarian. Katharina was a full partner who complemented her husband, a no-nonsense, confident and determined woman, a starke Frau who did not cower when confronted by a powerful man. Ruth Tucker invites readers to visit Katie Luther in her sixteenth-century village life—with its celebrations and heartaches, housing, diet, fashion, childbirth, child-rearing and gender restrictions—and to welcome her today into our own living rooms and workplaces.

Pre-Order available November 2016